Adob​​e Price Increase for Lightroom & Photoshop

Posted May. 3rd, 2019 (3 weeks ago) by Daniel J. Cox

Ever since Adobe came out with the subscription model for their products there’s been concern about an Adobe price increase some time in the future. And today it seems as those fears may have been well-founded.

Adob​​e Price Increase for  Lightroom & Photoshop

The website PetaPixel announced today the Adobe price increase that was announced on the Adobe website. It seems that parts of the US and even the world are seeing different price packages. The folks at PetaPixel are seeing nothing less than $19.99/month for what used to be $9.99/month.

Adob​​e Price Increase for  Lightroom & Photoshop

They’ve reported that there are some regions that are still seeing the lower $9.99 price. Here in Montana, I’m getting the new price of $19.99/month. PetaPixel contacted Adobe, and they affirmed the lower price is no longer being offered in many places. They also said that testing new pricing in specific regions around the country and the world is a common procedure they do frequently.

Adob​​e Price Increase for  Lightroom & Photoshop

Just one more reason why I’m happy I’ve moved over to what I feel is a superior Digital Asset Management tool, Mylio, and RAW converter DxO PhotoLab. Mylio is also a subscription service but is now less than half the price of Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. My favorite RAW converter, DxO PhotoLab Elite version, is a one-time fee of $199.

Adob​​e Price Increase for  Lightroom & Photoshop

Would love to hear your thoughts about this major change. Share them in the comments below.

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  1. Iliah BorgOn May. 20th, 2019 (1 day ago)

    Dear Sir:

    If you have any issues with FastRawViewer, please e-mail our support:

    Best regards,
    Iliah Borg

  2. Rene ThebergeOn May. 5th, 2019 (2 weeks ago)

    Like you, I use DxO Elite for it’s RAW conversion, but I find it cumbersome as a culling tool. I’ve been using Fast Raw Viewer to cull, but that has it’s issues also. I’m wondering what you think of Mylio as a tool for culling and also your work flow process between Mylio and DxO. I’m pretty minimal when it comes to post processing and Find DxO’s tools enough most of the time.


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