Red Coat to the Rescue

Posted May. 29th, 2021 by Daniel J. Cox

Adding scale to your pictures

On our recent trip to Iceland I had a chance to share with our NE Explorers the idea of adding scale to your pictures by including a person in the landscape. We were shooting the beautiful Hvítá River in overcast light which was perfect for the silky water look we originally set out to capture.

Add scale to your pictures
Looking down onto the the Hvítá River flowing through volcanic rock. Iceland

I framed the image as it was, shot a few pictures, and then thought to myself, “This needs a red coat.” My dear wife Tanya often travels with her red Canada Goose camp down hoody for these occasions where the effect of color and scale can be extremely helpful.

The Hvítá River flowing through volcanic rock. Iceland

Red adds interest

Add scale to your pictures by including a person in the frame.
Editorial Note: I typically don’t change ANYTHING in my pictures. But for this post I made an exception. I originally purchased Pixelmator exclusively to add my logo to photos posted on Facebook. It turns out that changing a color is extremely simple and for this educational lesson I felt the manipulation was justified. I’ve labeled it as an “illustration” like others should do when they manipulate their pictures.

Making your photo worth looking at

Adding scale to your pictures gives the viewer an additional element of interest to look at. It also gives a better sense of of how large the landscape is. Adding color and scale improved this image from mediocre to nice. Obviously this won’t be winning any Pulitzer prizes, but I thought others might enjoy seeing how I try to make a picture worth looking at.

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  1. Joel KleinerOn May. 31st, 2021

    Very nice photo Dan. For a moment I thought you had Tanya climbing on those jagged rocks. I looked further and found her in the red jacket. Iceland is looking really wonderful. ?Very cool photo! ????????

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