General, Robert Buchanan

Posted Jan. 2nd, 2013 by Manifest Creative

I’ve had the distinct pleasure of knowing Dan for over 15 years. It goes without saying that Dan’s photographic eye and technical skills are incredible. This is proven by the fact that his work has been on the cover of so many magazines. Another side of this unique human being is his passion, dedication, and determination to give back to Mother Nature. Educating the world on her magnificent beauty and awe-inspiring wonder always remains a top priority for Dan. His countless hours as a PBI volunteer have included his hands-on participation in the mapping of polar bear maternal dens in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, the Adventure Learning Program, and the International Polar Bear Husbandry Conference. This strong commitment to give back to the Far North that he loves puts an additional dimension into his work that is rare in today’s world and therefore makes him a hero in our eyes. This world is a lot better off because of Dan’s dedication to this planet’s wildlife.