2017 Croatia, L. Chartrand

Posted May. 29th, 2017 by Jill Mangum

“We just got home a few hours ago… First, let me say that this was the best trip we’ve taken in a long time !!!! So, kudos and many thanks to you and Dan and Luka for making this holiday such a treat !!! We always thought that Italy would always be our favorite holiday destination, as we’ve been there so often, but we may have to revisit that notion now that we’ve experienced Croatia !!! We had a such a wonderful time: you guys have created an optimal blend of photo tour with great meals, great walks and plenty of “free time” to allow everyone to do their own “thing” … I’ve been on many other “photo tours” but this one was head and shoulders above the rest…. so thank you for that…. We look forward to future trips !!!!”