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Tanya’s love of the outdoors, travel, and hosting exciting nature adventures was instilled in her from the early days of growing up in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada, “Polar Bear Capital of the World.” She was raised in this world-renowned tourist destination by her family who are credited with being one of the first visionaries to see the benefits of the ecotourism industry in Canada. Her father, the legendary Len Smith, was awarded the Order of Manitoba for his part in helping establish polar bear tourism adventures by building from scratch the first Tundra Buggy. Tanya managed the Tundra Buggy lodge along the shores of Hudson Bay for over 14 seasons. In the late 90’s she owned and operated the Bear Country Inn in Churchill. Living in the far north and spending the majority of her young life in a town with one road that ran 17 miles inspired her wanderlust. Tanya interned for a travel agency in Winnipeg where she became familiar with the ins and outs of the travel industry and her desire to see the world developed. In 2014, Natural Exposures was awarded “World Leading Specialist Holiday Company” by World Travel Awards. In 2019, Tanya received “Highly Commended” out of 4,000 entries from around the world in the World Guide Awards 2019, Wanderlust, UK.

During Tanya’s time in Churchill, she met people from all over the world, including her husband Daniel. Aside from her time traveling with Dan 10 months each year, she enjoys her days in Montana organizing and researching the next photo tour destination and running their stock photography/assignment agency. She works hard to ensure all guests have a great experience. Daniel’s knowledge of photography and Tanya’s travel and organizational skills provide the perfect combination of adventure and learning in a relaxed, vacation-like atmosphere.

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