A retired educator with over 30 years of experience in the education field, Margie has spent much of her life teaching children. Along the way she has also excelled as a media expert, computer programmer, and technology specialist. Observing and documenting animal behavior has been a passion for much of her life, and with her new collection of children’s books she has now turned that love for all things in nature into a second career. Portia Polar Bear’s Birthday Wish is just one of her books that uses creative storytelling and photography to capture the lives of wild animals from the point of view of the animal’s offspring.

All imagery in Portia Polar Bear’s Birthday Wish is from Daniel’s polar bear collection.

Portia Polar Bear's Birthday Wish Finalist in International Book Awards

Portia Polar Bear’s Birthday Wish, Finalist in International Book Awards

We believe in giving back! In the spirit of helping to save polar bears and the Arctic, Margie Carroll Press and Natural Exposures, Inc. have pledged to donate 1% of total net sales from Portia Polar Bear’s Birthday Wish to the conservation group Polar Bears International. Help us help polar bears—buy Portia Polar Bear’s Birthday Wish today!

Customer Reviews

“Looks great — and what a great thing it is to be doing a book for kids. I teach kids with emotional and behavioral problems and they are the BEST! I teach them art and music at a studio we put together at Northwood Children’s Services. Good luck with this, I know it’ll be a hit.”
— David Garon

“Hey there….. Been to Churchill and beyond. Spent time with the Inuit when they were in the midst of garnering some say in the government with the creation of Nunavut. Love your book. Miss the polar bears rambling around and the northern lights going off in the sky. Congrats on your book and apps. You’ve been my twin in the process while I’ve been working on my apps too!”
— Jan Reynolds

“Margie K. Carroll came To Creekland Middle today and showed us and read us the book, It is amazing. Love the pictures, they are really great. Everyone oohed and awwed at some of the sweet pictures. Thank you.”
— Sommer