A New Mini Film Partially Shot with Nikon D5100

Posted Apr. 28th, 2011 by Daniel J. Cox

My wife Tanya and I recently treated Jill, Tanya’s office assistant, and Colter, my god son, to an all too short vacation in Florida. Colter was out on spring break and had never been to Florida. Tanya got creative and tracked down a place to take surfing lessons in Cocoa Beach. I’ve been testing the new Nikon D5100 and decided to shoot a mini-movie of Colter and Jill’s surfing experience. I originally started collecting the clips in Aperture, then took everything over to IMovie where I added the titles and music.


A special thanks to one of our good friends who has joined us on numerous Invitational Photo Tours, Elisabeth Kierkegaarde of the rock group Mental Hygiene. Elisabeth gave us permission to use one of their songs, Trapped Again, for the movie soundtrack. Elisabeth  is the one cranking it out on the guitar.


Fabulous Rock Group Mentail Hygiene. Elisabeth is the blonde on the right with the driving guitar. Click on this photo to get to their web page and hear more music.

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