A Free U2 Album From Apple

Posted Sep. 10th, 2014 by Daniel J. Cox

A Free U2 Album From Apple to all registered iTunes users. Photography and music go together like Apple pie (no pun intended) and vanilla ice cream. Yesterday, during Apple’s mega publicity event, where they announced several new products such as the new Apple Watch, two new versions of the iPhone along with Apple Pay, U2 finished the event with a rousing live performance of a song from their new album, Songs of Innocence, which is being offered as a free gift to all who download it from their iTunes account before October 13th. So if you love modern rock and roll , the kind the legendary U2 excels at, you best get over to your iTunes account and start downloading. Hey, it’s free and it’s from one of the most successful bands that’s ever cut a record. Gota love that!

Get on over to your iTunes account to download U2's newest album, Songs of Innocence for absolutely FREE.

Get on over to your iTunes account to download U2’s newest album, Songs of Innocence for absolutely FREE. Don’t have an iTunes account? Click on the image above to get one setup so you can start rocking.

Also announced was iOS 8 which is the inspiration of the soon to be released Photos for Mac. We won’t see Photos for at least another 3-4 months but I’m still betting on a great piece of new software. You can read more about my take on Photos in my recent Blog post titled: Evidence Mounting Apple’s Photos Will be Revolutionary.

Did any of you watch the Apple event? Are  you planning to buy an Apple Watch, or upgrade your iPhone? What are your thoughts on Apple Pay? For me the most exciting announcement was Apple Pay. I can’t wait to ditch my wallet for just an iPhone. It’s going to be more secure than a credit card and have lots and lots of fabulous options. I may be upgrading my iPhone 5 to the new 6 just for this feature. What are your thoughts? Is there anyone else out there that’s as excited about Apple Pay as I am? Speak up and write me a note in the comments below.

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