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Natural Exposures is your connection to the world of photography, nature and conservation, as well as the conduit to fulfilling your lifelong travel dreams. Daniel’s photographic expertise will enhance your photo skills. Tanya will shepherd you to the world’s most beautiful locations and they’ll both introduce you to like-minded individuals who often become friends for life. The world is waiting and time is short so let’s create memories you’ll never forget and the pictures to prove it.

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Daniel J. Cox has photographed for National Geographic magazine

Daniel’s work is featured in many well regarded publications including National Geographic.

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Recent Testimonials
  • "Best travel and photo experience. EVER!"

    Ron Cunniff, Florida

  • "Fantastic attention to small details that made the trip memorable - the note in the old cars, side trip to Trinidad, etc. Expect the unexpected! A tremendously positive experience."

    Kitty Lindow, California

  • “My wife and I visited the Canadian Rockies in 1998 and I took “Snapshots”. Twelve years later, we visited the Canadian Rockies again and having been on previous trips with Dan…

    Fred Kurtz, Indiana

  • "Top notch! Beautifully organized and lots of fun. I especially enjoyed our days at Bosque del Cabo. Thank you for a beautiful vacation. Dan is actually succeeding in turning me into…

    Marlene Molinoff, Pennsylvania

  • "I love you and Dan, and love traveling with you. It was such an incredible trip all the way around, just like the last time, but better. I relished in every moment on every game dri…

    Jim Carlin, California

  • "Tanya/Dan are a dynamic duo! There are not enough adjectives in the dictionary to cover the entire breath of their combined strengths. Fair, attention to detail, supportive of every…

    Corbett Alley, Arizona

  • "What a trip
    What a group
    What a fabulous everything
    To our next encounters with nature"

    Maud and Leon Soriano, Florida

  • "Hi Tanya and Dan, Thank you very much for the goodies. Thank you also for such a great trip. I used to say that my best trip was Antarctica, but the Galapagos has it beat. I shared…

    Jim and Mimi Heywood, Virginia

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  • Colm Ryan says:

    I reckon Panasonic have decided in their heart of hearts that the days of M4/3 are numbered; at most they'll get a couple more years out of it and that will be that. Olympus, ditto; whatever's at the late design phase will get pushed out to market but after that....…

    6 days ago on Lumix S5 Full-frame Camera Released (4 comments)
  • Charles Peterson says:

    How do you think this lens will work on a G9?

    6 days ago on Olympus 150-400mm Release Date Announced (8 comments)
  • Portrait of Linda Henry

    Steve Henry says:

    So, Dan. Yes, it looks like this most likely is a terrific lens. However, given the turbulence from Olympus selling their camera division, I wonder if many will be interested in investing that much in a system that could have a short life expectancy. I'd personally wait until I see…

    6 days ago on Olympus 150-400mm Release Date Announced (8 comments)
  • Rene says:

    Hi Dan, From your pictures, you look like you are strong enough to hold this lens steady as do the chisiled models in the Olympus ads. Even if cost were not a consideration, this lens would be beyond my capabilities to hold as I'm pretty riddled with arthritis in my…

    7 days ago on Olympus 150-400mm Release Date Announced (8 comments)
  • Larry says:

    Hi Daniel, Are you with Olympus now? There is so much of confusing information regarding MFT system. Sale of Olympus to JIP. It seems like Panasonic is losing interest in photo side of m4/3 cameras. They seem to be more interested in video. What do you think about it ?

    7 days ago on Olympus 150-400mm Release Date Announced (8 comments)
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  • Olympus 150-400mm Release Date Announced

    Olympus 150-400mm release date announced for late January 2021. Finally the availability of the lens I’ve been dreaming about. A lens that has a similar range to that of a full-frame camera using a 300-1000mm lens. Here’s the Olympus150-400mm official announcement. Changing wildlife photography as we know it This lens…

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  • Camera weather sealing, do we need to worry?

    One of the benefits of the Olympus and Lumix Micro Four Thirds cameras is their superior weather sealing. Most models from these two manufacturers are so good I no longer even think about putting them away in inclement weather. Having such faith shooting in rain or snow for the last…

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  • Lumix S5 Full-frame Camera Released

    My Lumix history Many of you know I’ve been a big fan of Panasonic Lumix cameras for many, many years. At one time I was even one of their ambassadors. However, my affiliation with Panasonic ended about a year and a half ago mainly due to issues with their autofocus…

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  • Photo Tips from the Field: Birds in Flight

    Capturing exquisite photos of birds in flight is a popular discussion across the internet. Many photographers wanting to improve their wildlife photography skills often turn to our avian friends for practice and inspiration. Getting that crystal-clear, fast-moving bird, with details in every feather, is like a gift from the photo…

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  • Did Olympus throw in the towel too early?

    Leaders in the mirrorless world When Olympus announced they were quitting the photography business, many were taken by surprise. Especially me. I had just heard that in Japan,  Olympus and Sony were tied at 39% of the market share in the mirrorless interchangeable-lens cameras category. It gave me tremendous hope that…

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