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Natural Exposures Invitational Photo Tours is your connection to the world of photography, travel, wildlife, nature, and conservation. Traveling with Dan and Tanya is uniquely different. Dan’s forty-plus years as a professional photographer provide learning opportunities few other photo instructors can provide. Tanya’s hospitality and logistic skills were honed under her family’s Tundra Buggy Tours umbrella.  Combining their talents under the umbrella of Natural Exposures Invitational Photo Tours provides a unique opportunity for you to become a better photographer while enjoying an adventure like no other. The world is waiting, and time is short. Let’s create memories you’ll never forget and the pictures to prove it.

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Daniel J. Cox has photographed for National Geographic magazine

Daniel’s work is featured in many well regarded publications including National Geographic.

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  • "Our "Winter in Yellowstone" trip was just terrific, great weather, great traveling companions, great attention to everyone's wishes and expectations. Dan's patience gave us an amazi…

    Buff Corsi, California

  • " A historic trip - Japan's two worst snow storms in 20 years and we persevered. Great group, great times."

    Claude Lecours, Ontario

  • "Absolutely amazing and beyond my expectation in every way possible! Seriously -"

    Debbie Tubridy, Florida

  • "Another amazing trip with Dan and Tanya (Costa Rica this time). We continue to be impressed by the quality of Natural Exposures trips, as well as the way Dan and Tanya impart their…

    Carol Doyle

  • "Fantastic attention to small details that made the trip memorable - the note in the old cars, side trip to Trinidad, etc. Expect the unexpected! A tremendously positive experience."

    Kitty Lindow, California

  • "Proboscis monkeys leaping from 40-feet high trees executing a belly-flopper in the Sekonyer River. An orangutan swinging gracefully through the trees with its infant tucked under it…

    Rainer and Julie Martens, Florida

  • "What a wonderful place. The Pantanal is spectacular and you guys (including Kike, who is a treasure!) took care of every detail. I hope to travel with you again soon."

    Freddy Gamble, New York

  • "Amazing experience. Jagaurs were promised and delivered!"

    Jane Norris, Virginia

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  • Joel Kleiner says:

    The 1st time I met Dice was in February of 2011. Tanya was driving me from West Yellowstone back to Bozeman for my flight back home. Dicey was a bit figgidy and kept jumping from my lap to Tanya’s lap as we were driving. 🚙. I spent many fun times…

    3 days ago on Our Little Buddy Dice (17 comments)
  • Chris says:

    I am more of a Canon user myself, but I have just completed a project where a colleague was using the G85 and I must say the image quality was impressive!

    2 weeks ago on Panasonic LUMIX G85 Shooting Experience Huge Bang For The Buck (90 comments)
  • Philip holloway says:

    I am only a hobby photographer and am not too up on the technicalities, but have just started using a GH5S with Leica 100/400 and just cannot seem to get sharp bright images of birds , particularly in flight. I struggle to get the camera to focus and even when…

    3 weeks ago on Preferred Settings for Panasonic Lumix GH5 (41 comments)
  • Bill Tyler says:

    In my view, an offsite cloud-based backup system is crucial. These offer a lot of advantages. First, your entire house or office can burn down, but your images are safe in another location. Second, ALL DRIVES FAIL eventually. A Drobo or similar will protect against single drive failures, but not…

    1 month ago on Apple Photos Isn’t The Safety Net People Think (4 comments)
  • Danny W. says:

    Have you tried using the in-camera teleconverter or digital zoom with either lens? If yes, I am curious about your observations. I mostly make 4x6 prints and an occasional 11x14 so I would like to save on not purchasing the teleconverters.

    2 months ago on Leica Magic With A Lumix Mount: The 200mm and 50-200mm Lenses (38 comments)
Recent blog posts
  • Our Little Buddy Dice

    As a young boy, I always had a dog. It was never just my dog but a family dog. My father grew up raising golden retrievers, and his love of domesticated canines became one of those family things that just seemed to be. Animals were a big part of our…

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  • Mylio Photos Tip – Back Up Photos With Mylio Photos and Lightroom

    Mylio Photos Tip-Backup Photos With Mylio and Lightroom

    In this Mylio Photos Tip I share with viewers how to back up photos with Mylio Photos and Lightroom and the major differences between the two programs. Saving more than one copy of your pictures while you’re traveling is absolutely essential. Relying on either your laptop, iPad or external drives…

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  • Mylio Photos Tip – Captioning and Keywording

    Mylio Photos Tip-Captioning and Keywording

    Mylio Photos Tip – Captioning and Keywording is a short video showing you how to caption and keyword your photos using Mylio Photos. When I start captioning my photos, I turn to a little known program called Copy ‘Em. In the video I called it Copy ‘Em and Paste which…

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  • Arctic Sea Ice Day – Save Our Sea Ice

    Arctic Sea Ice Day-Save Our Sea Ice

    Today is Arctic Sea Ice Day – SaveOur Sea Ice! Working with my friends at Polar Bears International, we’re getting the word out about why it’s important to talk about the planet’s sea ice. It’s not just for polar bears—which we know everybody loves—it’s about all things in the Arctic.…

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  • Firmware Update for Olympus Cameras

    Firmware Update for Olympus Cameras

    Firmware Update for Olympus Cameras and in particular the new OM-1 firmware version 1.2 is now available. Below is a screenshot of the benefits of the new 1.2 version firmware. Firmware Update Process for Mac M1 Machines Olympus/OM Digital Solutions has what seems like a fairly well-detailed page explaining the…

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