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Daniel J. Cox–Natural Exposures Invitational photo tours are your connection to the world of photography, travel, wildlife, nature, and conservation. Traveling with Dan and Tanya is uniquely different. Dan’s forty-plus years as a professional photographer provide learning opportunities few other photo instructors can provide. Tanya’s hospitality and logistic skills were honed under her family’s Tundra Buggy Tours umbrella.  Combining their talents provides a unique opportunity for you to become a better photographer while enjoying an adventure like no other. The world is waiting, and time is short. Let’s create memories you’ll never forget and the pictures to prove it.

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Daniel J. Cox has photographed for National Geographic magazine

Daniel’s work is featured in many well regarded publications including National Geographic.

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  • " I agree with the above! A wonderful experience, not to be forgotten."

    Carol Clark, Washington

  • "Outstanding from start to finish. I loved the extraordinary biodiversity and ecosystems we experienced. The entire adventure was well organized and so much fun! You will not be disa…

    Alison McClure, California

  • “My wife and I visited the Canadian Rockies in 1998 and I took “Snapshots”. Twelve years later, we visited the Canadian Rockies again and having been on previous trips with Dan…

    Fred Kurtz, Indiana

  • "It’s February 9th and I can’t believe that Cathy and I have been home for two weeks already. Our experiences in Africa are so fresh it seems as though we were just there. I’ve…

    Cathy and Mark Pemberton, California

  • "My first trip with D&T, eventhough I have met them prior on other workshops. This was the most fun and relaxed workshop, even with a few 4am sunrises, I have been on. With D's photo…

    An Vo, Texas

  • "The Kenya expedition was magical and this is the first time I have ever used that word to describe a photo trip. Amazing, incredible and fantastic just were not good enough words. T…

    Fred Kurtz, Indiana

  • "Thanks for getting some pictures of us, those are always in short supply when I get back from a trip and my kids aren't really going to believe the stories without a picture to prov…

    Lynda Sanders, California

  • "Thanks for putting together an amazing wildlife viewing and photographic experience. The entire trip was fabulous from beginning to end. Jaguars galore, birds, cayman and adorable c…

    Alison McClure, California

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  • Robert VandeVenter says:

    I have never used iCloud photos. IPhone photos import to Lightroom Mobil which then show up in Lightroom Classic on Desktop. All photos are stored on Drobo. Computer and Drobo back up to Backblaze. I also copy Drobo to 2 different hard drives. I have a Drobo 3. Have tried…

    2 days ago on Apple Photos Isn’t The Safety Net People Think (2 comments)
  • Rene Theberge says:

    Yeah, Daniel, I'm with you on Apple Photos. I got really upset with Apple (and I'm an Apple user since 1984) when they killed Aperture and replaced it with Photos. How lame was that move!! While certainly not in your league for photos (only 30,000 or so image files and…

    3 days ago on Apple Photos Isn’t The Safety Net People Think (2 comments)
  • Len Metcalf says:

    Ohh thank you for sharing that article. The advantages of micro four thirds aren’t talked about enough. They are easier to use. Greater depth of field is an advantage. I just did a shoot with a full frame and then a similar one the next day with my OM1. Categorically…

    4 days ago on Micro Four Thirds Cameras Better in Low Light  (2 comments)
  • Lucas says:

    That PL 200mm 2.8 is an incredible lens to work with. Insanely sharp, has great IS, beautiful colours and stays relatively sharp with the MC14 (therefore competing with the Oly 300mm).

    7 days ago on New Leica 100-400mm Mark ll is Finally Here (16 comments)
  • Portrait of Jeanne Sturges

    Jeanne Sturges says:

    Would this one be better for night skies than the 12mm f1.4?? (Wider but slower?)

    7 days ago on New Leica 9mm f/1.7 MFT Lens! (1 comment)
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  • Apple Photos Isn’t The Safety Net People Think

    9TO5 Mac writer had iCloud Photos issue One of my favorite blogs is 9TO5 Mac. A gentleman named Zac wrote a piece about how he got burned by Apple’s Photos. His article about how Apple Photos isn’t the safety net people think piqued my interest since my sister had a…

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  • Micro Four Thirds Cameras Better in Low Light 

    Busting the full-frame myth Many of my readers know of my enthusiasm for Micro Four Thirds cameras. I love them for the smaller lenses, the system’s lighter weight, and its overall lower costs. But one thing I’ve never argued is Micro Four Thirds cameras are better in low light. I…

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  • New Leica 9mm f/1.7 MFT Lens!

    Panasonic’s Lumix camera division announced the new Leica 9mm f/1.7 MFT lens. I’ve not used this lens, nor have I seen it, but the write-ups and videos reviews are enticing. My current favorite wide angle is the Leica 8-18mm zoom, and I don’t see that changing. But having a super…

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    1 Comment

  • New Leica 100-400mm Mark ll is Finally Here

    The new Leica 100-400mm Mark ll is finally here, thanks to the equally new Olympus OM-1. Ok so not an “official” updated version of the old lens but a totally new version based on the unbelievably improved performance when used with the impressive OM-1. Go ahead, accuse me of clickbait.…

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  • Olympus & Panasonic Impacting Nikon & Canon

    Olympus Panasonic Impacting Nikon & Canon

    Olympus & Panasonic Impacting Nikon & Canon Olympus & Panasonic are impacting Nikon & Canon by creating smaller, lighter systems that people are yearning for. I hear it all the time from our Natural Exposures Explorers. It’s not EVERYBODY, but the vast majority are tired of carrying huge lenses to…

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