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Natural Exposures photo tours is your connection to the world of photography, travel, wildlife, nature and conservation. Traveling with Dan and Tanya is uniquely different. Dan’s forty plus years as a professional photographer provides learning opportunities few other photo instructors can provide. Tanya’s hospitality and logistic skills were honed under the umbrella of her families Tundra Buggy Tours.  Combining their talents provides a unique opportunity for you to become a better photographer while enjoying an adventure like no other. The world is waiting and time is short. Let’s create memories you’ll never forget and the pictures to prove it.

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Daniel J. Cox has photographed for National Geographic magazine

Daniel’s work is featured in many well regarded publications including National Geographic.

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  • "Yellowstone is truly an amazing place anytime of the year, but to be there in winter provides a special glimpse into its many dimensions. With Dan’s eye, and the Bigfoot snow coac…

    Holly Brown, Montana

  • "WOW!!! This trip was a once in a lifetime event. I got to take a big one off my “bucket list” and had just a wonderful time while fulfilling a lifetime dream. The islands, the t…

    Ken Pettapiece, Manitoba

  • "Hi Tanya and Dan: The 2011 Kenya safari was everything we expected and more. The guides were extraordinarily knowledgeable and skilled. We still cannot figure out how Henry found th…

    Doug and Debra Bray, California

  • "An awesome adventure taking us back in time at Snow Monkey Park and Inn."

    Marty Salwen, North Carolina

  • "Fantastic attention to small details that made the trip memorable - the note in the old cars, side trip to Trinidad, etc. Expect the unexpected! A tremendously positive experience."

    Kitty Lindow, California

  • "We just got home a few hours ago... First, let me say that this was the best trip we've taken in a long time !!!! So, kudos and many thanks to you and Dan and Luka for making this h…

    L. Chartrand, Alberta

  • "On a scale of one to 10, Natural Exposures Namibia / Botswana / Zambia trip is a 15! From the world's second largest canyon to gorgeous sand dunes to an abandoned diamond town to ae…

    Fred Kurtz, Indiana

  • "Hi Tanya, Thanks for the best trip. Many new experiences and friends and lovely reunions with dear friends. Journey home was straight forward and without issues. Best wishes, Allan"

    Allan Coffey, Western Australia

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    Look - I found that the batteries cost almost as much as a new unit for the popular home size UPS backups such as 400 watts or less. QUESTIONS I ASK MYSELF: 1) Is it worth buying the new battery and have to install it (not that difficult to install)…

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  • Tim McCullough says:

    Aloha Dan, How is it going with your ED 100-400 f 5-6.3 tests / comparisons and, with their MC-20 2X Extender on the EM1X ?

    2 weeks ago on Olympus 150-400mm & Sony 200-600mm Comparison Experience (21 comments)
  • Tom Gross says:

    I had an OM-2 also. Incredible metering system. I wish they had introduced an auto focus version.

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  • Tom Gross says:

    Is the G9 auto focus poor?

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    These news even if are not very detailed are a big step forward and they bring rays of light over the Micro 4/3 system's future. At least for me the new OM and Panasonic cameras are not a black horse but a white one that don't break free but bring…

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  • Tools of The Trade – Mylio Slideshow Presentation

    Tools of the Trade Tools of The Trade – Mylio Slideshow Presentation is the first in a series of videos. These videos will be highlighting the many different pieces of equipment I use as a natural history photographer. Not just camera equipment but clothing, software, camera accessories, video gear, things…

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  • How To Photograph Polar Bears From a Tundra Buggy

    This is an image of a person on a thunder buggy looking down on a polar bear and taking its picture

    Five Photo Tips For Your Tundra Buggy Adventure How to photograph polar bears from a Tundra Buggy is the most recent episode of Photo Tips From The Field. Most of my tips on this subject are contained in the new video below. Even so, I thought I would write them…

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