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Daniel J. Cox–Natural Exposures Invitational photo tours are your connection to the world of photography, travel, wildlife, nature, and conservation. Traveling with Dan and Tanya is uniquely different. Dan’s forty-plus years as a professional photographer provide learning opportunities few other photo instructors can provide. Tanya’s hospitality and logistic skills were honed under her family’s Tundra Buggy Tours umbrella.  Combining their talents provides a unique opportunity for you to become a better photographer while enjoying an adventure like no other. The world is waiting, and time is short. Let’s create memories you’ll never forget and the pictures to prove it.

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Daniel J. Cox has photographed for National Geographic magazine

Daniel’s work is featured in many well regarded publications including National Geographic.

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  • "Excellent trip - better than I expected. Went to Cuba for the architecture, cars, and music but found that the people and their attitude toward life is the real treasure. Fell in lo…

    Ray Hirsch, Arizona

  • I have for the first time ever seen the picture of the mother polar and her cub huddling over her dead cub. I was never so moved and it will forever remain in my mind...maybe we nee…

    Kathy Winkelman

  • "Our first travel experience with Natural Exposures was exceptional! Accommodations, meals and our traveling companions were first class. Costa Rica is a colorful country and thanks…

    Ralph and Barbara Russo, Pennsylvania

  • "Tanya and Dan, Thank you for everything you've done to create and execute an experience that has never been matched in our 50 years of experience together. You made an excellent cho…

    John and Karen Vournakis, South Carolina

  • "The Yellowstone Winter Tour was outstanding. We saw so much beautiful landscapes and winter wildlife. I would recommend this trip to everyone."

    Peter Dillon, Australia

  • "This was my first trip with Dan, Tanya, and Jill. It was a blast! Everything was well planned, from the pre-trip package and information, to phone tips from Dan, extending all the w…

    Steve Ault, California

  • "I loved my Bhutan trip two years ago, but South Africa exceeded the Bhutan trip by orders of magnitude. It was worth waiting 55 years for!!! The leopard in the tree over my head g…

    Tom Dietrich, Wyoming

  • "Jim and I want to thank you both for one of the best trips we have ever had to Africa. Everything was really wonderful - the camps, the whole schedule, the group (loved meeting all…

    Jim and Lynne Edwards, California

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  • Ian Parr says:

    There's a good overview of Quad Bayer and Quad Pixel AF architectures (the OM-1 sensor has Quad Pixel AF) here on DP Review: So the sensor has 80 million photodiodes but 20 million effective pixels.

    2 weeks ago on 41 Megapixel Micro Four Thirds Sensor (9 comments)
  • Chris says:

    I just switch the Fn switch from 1 to 2 to change from S-AF to C-AF (customized buttons). That's really quick. I use back AF button for S-AF but the shutter release for C-AF, as that seems most logical. The explanation of why C-AF static focusing may be less accurate…

    2 weeks ago on New Leica 100-400mm Mark ll is Finally Here (22 comments)
  • Jan Steinman says:

    "Mark Wieczorek compares a 50mm f/4 lens for FF to a 25mm f/2 lens for Micro Four Thirds and notes that the light reaching the FF sensor is “dimmer.” Certainly, but so what. The total count of photons for a given portion of the image is the same." If that…

    3 weeks ago on Micro Four Thirds Cameras Better in Low Light  (6 comments)
  • Ryan says:

    Daniel, Until 3 days ago when I was looking at your long term review of the G9, I had never heard of Mylio. I saw you had some image library of over 1 million images and thought "wow" what is that software? I found on your site you used Mylio,…

    3 weeks ago on Mylio Photos Update Is Here (2 comments)
  • Lucas l says:

    Daniel, I just saw a video by Mike Lane on YouTube: and it reminded me of your thoughts on the OM-1. Mike Lane is an enthiusiastic birder with birds in flight being his speciality. He compares the new OM-1 with the fabulous Sony A1, which is regarded as the…

    3 weeks ago on New Leica 100-400mm Mark ll is Finally Here (22 comments)
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  • Mylio Photos Update Is Here

    Mylio Photos Update Is Here

    The Mylio Photos update is here with substantial changes to the Import process! As many of you know I’m a big fan of this little program called Mylio. Most serious photographers don’t even know about it let alone use it. I’m constantly amazed at photographers’ tunnel vision and inability to…

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  • 41 Megapixel Micro Four Thirds Sensor


    An image of a very colorful 41-megapixel micro four thirds sensor destined for use in image collection


  • Apple Photos Isn’t The Safety Net People Think

    9TO5 Mac writer had iCloud Photos issue One of my favorite blogs is 9TO5 Mac. A gentleman named Zac wrote a piece about how he got burned by Apple’s Photos. His article about how Apple Photos isn’t the safety net people think piqued my interest since my sister had a…

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  • Micro Four Thirds Cameras Better in Low Light 

    Busting the full-frame myth Many of my readers know of my enthusiasm for Micro Four Thirds cameras. I love them for the smaller lenses, the system’s lighter weight, and its overall lower costs. But one thing I’ve never argued is Micro Four Thirds cameras are better in low light. I…

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  • New Leica 9mm f/1.7 MFT Lens!

    Panasonic’s Lumix camera division announced the new Leica 9mm f/1.7 MFT lens. I’ve not used this lens, nor have I seen it, but the write-ups and videos reviews are enticing. My current favorite wide angle is the Leica 8-18mm zoom, and I don’t see that changing. But having a super…

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