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Photo tours, wildlife photography and stock imagery by Daniel J. Cox

Natural Exposures photo tours is your connection to the world of photography, travel, wildlife, nature and conservation. Photo tours with Dan and Tanya are uniquely different. Dan’s forty-five years as a professional photographer provides learning opportunities few other photo tours can provide. Tanya’s hospitality and logistic skills came by way of her families Tundra Buggy Tours. By combining their talents they provide a unique opportunity for you to become a better photographer while enjoying a photo tour like no others. The world is waiting and time is short. Let’s create memories you’ll never forget and the pictures to prove it.


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Daniel J. Cox has photographed for National Geographic magazine

Daniel’s work is featured in many well regarded publications including National Geographic.

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Recent Testimonials
  • "Fantastic attention to small details that made the trip memorable - the note in the old cars, side trip to Trinidad, etc. Expect the unexpected! A tremendously positive experience."

    Kitty Lindow, California

  • "Outstanding from start to finish. I loved the extraordinary biodiversity and ecosystems we experienced. The entire adventure was well organized and so much fun! You will not be disa…

    Alison McClure, California

  • "I had a great time with you on the Palouse trip – I was completely blown away by the beauty of the area! Thank you so much for a wonderful experience!"

    Carol Granger, MIssouri

  • "The most diverse trip I have ever taken. From deserts to rivers, we saw it all."

    Pam Cote, Kansas

  • "The Kenya expedition was magical and this is the first time I have ever used that word to describe a photo trip. Amazing, incredible and fantastic just were not good enough words. T…

    Fred Kurtz, Indiana

  • "Yes, what a super holiday indeed; one never to be forgotten with all the excitments, the hot sun and the river bath on the last stretch before the coach home to the airport, the Jag…

    Roger LIewellyn, England

  • "First, I want to repeat again how special the Yellowstone trip was. It was a picture perfect trip (pun intended) and in my mind will be a trip of a lifetime. A big thanks to you and…

    Fred Kurtz, Indiana

  • "Wow - what a great adventure! We saw so much - cloud forests, mountains, valleys, coastal regions, more birds than ever imagined, sloths, and every type of monkey. Fun travel compan…

    Rhonda Handley, Ontario

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  • Björn Danielsson says:

    It´s still the same and now it´s 2021. No fix yet. I have the G90 and use the PL 100-400. It happens every time I am out. i have lost severeral opportunitets on mostly butterflies and dragonflies. So it happens at fairly close distances. I have the latest FW for…

    5 days ago on LUMIX Auto Focus Workaround (34 comments)
  • Portrait of David and Shiela Glatz

    Dave Glatz says:

    Because the UH is considered a entity of the State of Texas, it has sovereign immunity in the federal courts and had to be sued in state court.

    2 weeks ago on Photo Thievery is Upheld by Texas Supreme Court (7 comments)
  • Jim Olive says:

    Although I am disappointed in the State’s ruling, I am encouraged by the support of fellow photographers/creatives and their enthusiastic response to defending our work. Additionally, this case brings awareness to the creative community that we must stand up and make our voices heard or suffer the consequences.

    3 weeks ago on Photo Thievery is Upheld by Texas Supreme Court (7 comments)
  • William Tyler says:

    Perhaps someone can explain why a copyright violation is being tried in state court. I thought copyright was covered by federal law, not state. So I'm a confused non-lawyer as well as being angry at the theft.

    3 weeks ago on Photo Thievery is Upheld by Texas Supreme Court (7 comments)
  • Joe Dotson says:

    Dan, I have not had a chance to update my G9’s. Have you updated yours and if so, any results from the field?

    1 month ago on Firmware Updates for Lumix and Olympus (4 comments)
Recent blog posts
  • Photo Thievery is Upheld by Texas Supreme Court

    Many of you know I’m a staunch supporter of photographers protecting the rights of their pictures. Creating images does not come cheap. Cameras are expensive, and computers to process those images are equally expensive. The time, effort, and money spent to get to locations are additional costs. All of this…

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  • Firmware Updates for Lumix and Olympus

    There are new firmware updates for Lumix an Olympus cameras. For Lumix the updates are for the GH5S, G9, and G100 cameras. For Olympus the firmware updates are for the E-M5 Marklll and the E-M1 Markll. I installed the firmware update for the Lumix G9 and it worked without hitch.…

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  • Red Coat to the Rescue

    Add scale to your pictures

    Adding scale to your pictures On our recent trip to Iceland I had a chance to share with our NE Explorers the idea of adding scale to your pictures by including a person in the landscape. We were shooting the beautiful Hvítá River in overcast light which was perfect for…

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  • Medium Format Anyone?

    I’ve had some requests to update my blog due to my last blog post being a bit sad and difficult for some people to look at. Since I’m on the road working in Iceland I don’t have a great deal of time to really come up with anything amazing. But…

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  • The Death of a Single Snow Goose

    Death of a single snow goose

    The Death of a Single Snow Goose was first published on our Natural Exposures Facebook page. I decided to bring it to the blog, since a huge part of this image is the backstory. Unfortunately, Twitter and Instagram don’t allow for the amount of text to tell that story, so…

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