Saying Goodbye to Writing Free Advice for DPReview

Posted Jul. 5th, 2017 (2 weeks ago) by Daniel J. Cox

Saying Goodbye to Writing Free Advice for DPReview

Many of you may have come to know me and my Blog by way of my 1212 posts on DPReview, most of them on the Micro Four Thirds forum. I had long been a fan of the DPReview site, I’ve mentioned their web forums nearly 40 times over the years in my Blog posts. But twice in that time, once in February 2015 and again recently on June 22, 2017, I apparently crossed the line and became too commercial by putting links back to this Blog in my DPReview posts. Apparently, I violated paragraph #9 in the Forums Rules based on the message I received from Mako2011. Mako2011, not sure whether it’s a him or a her, has the power to act as judge, jury, and executioner, and so he’s killed off any of my further participation in the DPReview Forums. Oh well, such is life.

I find it strange in this day and time–Internet everything–that DPReview is so concerned about one of their members offering links to their Blog. Mako2011 writes in my banishment note to headquarters, “User has recently started another 7 threads promoting and pushing folks to his site….offers paid tours, referral links, and such.” Amazing, they pay nothing for my time and efforts and yet they’re uptight one of their readers might make their way to my website? I’m guessing Mako2011 didn’t bother to check to see that our Photo Tours are invitational only and they’re virtually sold out through 2018. It certainly wasn’t clients for photo tours I was trolling for. Their rules are pretty ridiculous really, but I have to say they have that prerogative.

In a message to Mako2011, I asked what the reason was for such an unwavering rule and he/she wrote back, “The rules are strict due in part, as I understand it, because of the Amazon relationship.”  I wonder how many cameras I’ve sold for Amazon due to my suggestions on gear and photography? Like I said earlier–in this world of Internet everything–DPReview is very shortsighted if they think my participation on the forums isn’t helping them make money through their camera sales via Amazon. Very strange indeed.

So after two years of writing 1212 posts for DPReview, I’ve come to realize my second banishment is most likely a good thing. Why? Because I spent a lot of time writing for an entity that obviously had no interest in what I was offering. My punishment has made me realize I could have been using my time much more wisely by writing more for the readers of this Blog. So with my current banishment in place, I’ll now have more time to do what I should have been doing all along, spending my writing time here. “Welcome home Dan.” “Thank you, great to be home, now please pass the bread and water.” 👹

Great Alternatives for Photo News Other Than DPReview


Photo District News

Imaging Resource

Support Your Local Camera Dealer if Possible

One last thought. If the comment from my DPReview Judge is true, that links back to my site are restricted due to Amazon making this rule, then I say, even more reason to support your local dealer. To that end, I can suggest two great camera stores I use in Bozeman that are happy to ship and have no sales tax. Contact info below.

Bozeman Camera
Contact: Marshal Lewis

F11 Photographic Supply
Contact: Marsha Phillips


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  1. ironbarkOn Jul. 16th, 2017 (4 days ago)

    DPReview isn’t as good as it used to be. I appreciate your reviews and comments.

    • Portrait of Daniel J. Cox

      Daniel J. CoxOn Jul. 17th, 2017 (3 days ago)

      I appreciate your input. I still have some respect for DPReview but their policy of being so strict with regular, quality contributors is very strange.

  2. GarySOn Jul. 11th, 2017 (1 week ago)

    Dan – Your contributions to DPReview have been much appreciated. Their loss is our gain as you will spend a little more time here? I’ve been a lurker on DPReview on and off for many years with my recent lurking interest in the Four Thirds cameras and photography. As mentioned above, I have noticed on DPReview, and some other non photography sites, that the level of civil exchange of ideas and opinions has changed towards the confrontational/dope slap at times. One does not learn from those exchanges. Welcome home !

    • Portrait of Daniel J. Cox

      Daniel J. CoxOn Jul. 11th, 2017 (1 week ago)

      Thanks for your input Gary. Since giving up on DPReview I’ve had a great time working on several new in-depth posts for here on Blog. Having made the decision to give up writing for the forums has made me realize how much time that took away from my won Blog. Hopefully, we can keep this all interesting and add folks to the community. I appreciate hearing your kind comments and support. Let me know if you have questions.

  3. DeanOn Jul. 8th, 2017 (2 weeks ago)

    Boo to DPR! ‘Neough said!

  4. Léon SorianoOn Jul. 7th, 2017 (2 weeks ago)

    There is always a day when the old and at times sick Simba leaves the pride. Standing strong, full of energy and respected, the new Baba Simba takes over. The pride moves on into the future
    Welcome boss
    Léon & Maud

    • Portrait of Daniel J. Cox

      Daniel J. CoxOn Jul. 7th, 2017 (2 weeks ago)

      Simba Leon🦁

      It’s so great to hear from you again! We’ve missed your input. Thanks for sharing your wisdom and insight. Hope you and Maude are well. Hope to shoot with you again, the sooner the better.

  5. Bill BurkholderOn Jul. 6th, 2017 (2 weeks ago)

    Their loss… Dan, corporate lawyers rule everything. Once a company like Amazon gets its fingers into a pie like dpreview, they become hooks and tentacles. Their legal staff will encourage all sorts of brainless restrictions, all in the name of preserving their revenue streams, or what they THINK are potential revenue streams.

    Yes, dpreview has gone downhill since Phil Askey left. He started a great thing, but like all great things started by visionaries, when they leave, things tend to drift away from the original appeal…

    • Portrait of Daniel J. Cox

      Daniel J. CoxOn Jul. 6th, 2017 (2 weeks ago)

      Thaks for your input Bill. Great to hear from our readers.

  6. Portrait of Jane Scott Norris

    JaneOn Jul. 5th, 2017 (2 weeks ago)

    Dan, it’s their loss. I was a big fan of DPReview in its first years (it started in the UK in the early days of digital, then moved to Seattle). I used to check there religiously but for several years now I have not because it changed so much.

    Appreciate all your work in sharing your knowledge and will continue to follow you here – home where you belong 🙂

    • Portrait of Daniel J. Cox

      Daniel J. CoxOn Jul. 5th, 2017 (2 weeks ago)

      Thanks for the kind words Jane.

  7. Dennis LindenOn Jul. 5th, 2017 (2 weeks ago)

    It seems to me that in the early days, DPR was mostly a forum where real people exchanged views and did offer advice on technical Digital Camera’s primarily because it was a new technology and there were many unanswered questions. However, for the last several years I have come to question it’s purpose, other than as a gateway for Amazon. I don’t however understand why it otherwise exists today. Reading the forum posts is something I stopped doing some time ago when any moron with an internet connection could come on and troll there. The level of personal insult based on misunderstanding or mis-statement or just plane contrary thinking is, well, revolting and harmful. There should actually be a Surgeon Generals disclaimer that reading the forums may be harmful to your opinion of your fellow man.

    Trust me, your new found time can far better be used here.

    • Portrait of Daniel J. Cox

      Daniel J. CoxOn Jul. 5th, 2017 (2 weeks ago)

      Well put Dennis. I have to say, I took some serious shellackings over the years with readers suggesting I had no idea what the heck I was talking about. Some comments so nasty it’s hard to believe. I had more than one of my professional peers ask me why the heck I was interested in taking such abuse. My response was always, “Hey, there are many others that are good people and very civil, why should they pay for the ones that are mean and nasty. I grew up with four sisters, I can handle a good shellacking. Not a problem🙃” But that’s over with now and I’m excited to dedicate more time here on the Blog. Thanks for your input.

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