"I’m mostly known for my wildlife photography, but I like to think of myself as an explorer with a camera. Documenting nature with integrity and respect is the most considerate thing a photographer can do for our planet."

Daniel J. Cox, Photographer, conservationist, educator


About Daniel

Daniel Cox poses with his Nikon camera. Bozeman Montana

Daniel J. Cox, Bozeman, Montana

For more than 35 years, Dan has been pursuing his lifelong dream of photographing nature in all its elements. He’s traveled to all seven continents, plying his craft in search of the images that help tell the stories that inspire his art. Driving rain, spitting snow, and howling wind are all part of the environment he calls home. For Dan, bad weather means great light, unusual cloud formations, and dramatic settings. Internationally recognized, Dan has used his exceptional vision and passion for nature to help educate and inspire his viewers. His dedication to his craft and the environment has earned him high regard in a very competitive profession.

In 2013, Dan was awarded Outstanding Nature Photographer of the Year by the North American Nature Photography Association (NANPA). He’s also been awarded in competitions worldwide including the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year and Nature’s Best. His work has been featured in several galleries including Nikon House New York, the National Museum of Wildlife Art in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and the Natural History Museum in London. Dan’s wide range of accomplishments include being a regular contributor to natural history publications worldwide, a field contributor for Outdoor Photographer, a consultant for Hewlett-Packard (HP) fine art printers, an honorary “Nikon Legend Behind the Lens,” and a mentor for American Photo’s Mentor Series photography workshops. He is currently working with Panasonic as a LUMIX Ambassador team member.

His most personally satisfying accomplishments include two cover stories for National Geographic magazine and his current volunteer work as director of The Arctic Documentary Project for Polar Bears International. He is the sole photographer of 20+ books including his most recent children’s title Portia Polar Bear’s Birthday Wish.

Dan supports nonprofits and conservation groups including National Wildlife Federation, Polar Bears International, Owl Research Institute, World Wildlife Fund, Audubon, Defenders of Wildlife, Natural Resource Defense Council, Sierra Club, Yellowstone to Yukon, American Land Conservancy, Audubon, Roots and Shoots, Smithsonian, ARKive, eNature, American Museum of Natural History, Maryland Zoo, Columbus Zoo, Cougar Network, Predator Conservation Alliance, The Wolverine Foundation, and The International Wolf Center, to name a few.

Dan and his wife Tanya work together leading photography tours around the world when Dan is not on assignment or spending time with his best animal buddy, Dice.

"I’m passionate about working to save polar bears throughout the Arctic."