• My wife Tish and I began traveling with Dan and Tanya in 2010. Our daughter Virginia went with Tish on one of Dan and Tanya's recent trips to Galapagos. When we began taking these trips, I was…

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    I am a nurse anesthetist who loves to travel and take wildlife photos. I usually travel with my best friend Andrea and her boyfriend Dave accompanies us usually every other trip. I have 6 cats and a chihuahua. I love animal behavior and love to watch wild and domesticated animals investigating their surroundings. I first met Dan and Tanya on a trip to Churchill, Manitoba, photographing the polar bears. Dan was the expedition photographer. I met Tanya at the end of the trip and instantly signed up for Costa Rica and Kenya. It has been an amazing journey. A total rookie at photography, I have grown and learned so much traveling with Natural Exposures. I can't say it enough, traveling to great places, meeting new friends, traveling with old friend and doing what we love, photography, it's phenomenal!

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