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Only the images in the world make the pages of National Geographic. I studied this magazine for two decades before I was fortunate enough to grace their pages. Click here to see my story on Great Gray Owls

Sufficient Gear for Wildlife Photography? SANDESH TAMBE

Sandesh, Absolutely, yes, a camera and the two lenses you have are totally sufficient for wildlife and nature photography. The 18-55 gives you semi-wide to short telephoto and the 55-250 gives you all the way out to a fairly major telephoto lens. Based on the camera you mention, the 55-250…

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Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 4.21.11 PM

Holy Grail of Lens Design Harvard Invents Flat Elements

Holy Grail of Lens Design Harvard Invents Flat Elements. Harvard’s school of engineering and applied sciences recently made a breakthrough discovery that has allowed them to build lenses that are ultra thin. In an online article titled, Perfect colors, captured with one ultra-thin lens, this Harvard news and events post talks about…

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One of Dan's images that appears as a double page spread in the March issue of German Geo

German GEO Publishes ADP Project on Snowy Owls

German GEO Publishes ADP Project on Snowy Owls. Last summer I joined Denver Holt of the Owl Research Institute in the field to document his project on snowy owls. My photographs of last summer’s shoot were recently published in the March issue of German GEO, a highly respected European magazine. My first essay on snowy’s first…

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The entire line of Panasonic  Lumix lenses.

Panasonic Updates Their Extensive Lumix Lens Collection

Panasonic updates their extensive Lumix lens collection with a new photo showcasing their board line of optics for their Micro Four Thirds Lumix camera system. I have to say it’s quite impressive and was most likely updated due to the two new lenses recently released. The two new lenses are the 42.5mm F/1.7 which is a…

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The Canon 600mm F/4 with photographer attached is on the left. On the right is me shooting the Lumix GH3 with a 100-300mm F/4-5.6 lens. In the Micro Four thirds world all lenses are multiplied 2x so the Lumix 100-300 is actually equivalent to a 200-600mm lens. The same long magnification as the massive Canon lens.

Question Regarding Lumix Long Lens Dilemma by NE Explorer Tom Ocasek

Sorry for the delay to this question. I just returned home from being in Yellowstone and now preparing for a handful of personal presentations in Florida and Minnesota. Regarding your questions. I haven’t had a chance to really put the GH4 and 40-150mm to the test with fast subjects coming…

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Daniel Cox, Sue Wolfe and Henry Miwani shopping for text books at the Nairobi Text Book Center, Nairobi, Kenya. Lumix LX100

Textbooks For Education in Kenya

Textbooks for education in Kenya. Two years ago on our last trip to Kenya, Tanya and I, along with three other Explorers, Fred Kurtz, Jim Heywood, and Ed Charbonneau, decided to start a textbook fund for Kenya school kids. You can read the original post here. All four of us…

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The kids were really excited about this new learning tool called the Outpostz Lap Desk. Kenya

Outpostz Lap Desks For Kenya School Kids

Outpostz Lap Desks For Kenya School Kids. NE Explorer Margie Carroll recently shared with us her newest idea for helping teachers to educate children around the world. Margie has been taking pictures and inventing unique products for many years and recently she surprised us with her newest invention, the Outpostz Lap Desk.…

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Giant River Otters

Christine Crosby Finalist in NANPA’s 2014 Showcase

Beloved friend and NE Explorer Christine Crosby entered 18 wonderful photographs into NANPA’s showcase this past year. She did exceptionally well, with 13 of the 18 photos being selected at the semi-finalist level or above, and ten of those at the finalist level and above! Each year, a NANPA jury panel selects the top 250…

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Happy feet. Lumix Gh4 with Nocticron F/1.2 lens ISO 640

The Lumix Diaries Heads to Patagonia

The Lumix diaries heads to Patagonia. Tanya and I recently left Kenya for the southern hemisphere. Our destination? The region known as Patagonia. All of our Patagonia adventures begin in Buenos Aires where we get everybody on the same page by spending a day in the city photographing the wonderful…

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A solitary large male lion comes from out of nowhere to take the carcass over.  Masai Mara Game Reserve, Kenya. Lumix GH4 with Olympus 40-150mm F/2.8. ISO 320

The Lumix Diaries 1/19/2015 Lions and Hyenas Clash

January 19, 2015 The morning began as it always does from our camp in the Mara. 6:45am rolled around and footsteps were heard on the path to our tent. From out of the cool morning air came a hushed, delicate, voice announcing “good morning, good morning, your coffee is here,…

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