"The Yellowstone Winter Tour was outstanding. We saw so much beautiful landscapes and winter wildlife. I would recommend this trip to everyone. Was very impressed by the efficient presentation of all the tour details."

Peter Dillon, Western Australia

"Terrific. Things that impressed me - detailed clothing list, Dan calling two months ahead to check in, efficiency to be personal, and enjoyed how the group coalesced."

Grace Wright, Pennsylvania

"Very action-packed and fun-filled."

Dave Easton, Winnipeg, MB

"Dan and Tanya are so caring of each person's needs and desires."

Bev Graham, California

"Fantastic! Noriko was exceptional."

Judy Edgar, Colorado

"My pleasure, you are very, very gracious hosts. TOPS."

Joel Kleiner, New York

"Great trip. Good mixture of things to see and do."

Sarah Street, New York

"Fantastic attention to small details that made the trip memorable - the note in the old cars, side trip to Trinidad, etc. Expect the unexpected! A tremendously positive experience."

Kitty Lindow, California

"Excellent! Thanks - I learned a lot about Cuban culture and about photography. Great trip!"

John Lindow, California

"Perfecto! I do not rank my trips as all are unique. However, Cuba is at the very top if I did rank them. I enjoyed every second of this trip. Dan and Tanya are the best!"

Fred Kurtz, Indiana

"I loved this trip. It is a destination that you need to access via a tour and this photography trip was perfect. I think photography helped me to connect to the Cuban people."

Beth Jones, Pennsylvania