Colter Smith

Colter has been a big part of Dan’s life from the day he was born, a little over 19 years ago when Dan was asked to be his godparent. Since then, they’ve been sharing a love for the outdoors and animals and video and photo shoots in Yellowstone, Ireland, and a few other places in between.

Colter was born and raised in Bozeman, Montana. He recently graduated from Manhattan High School where he was active as a Manhattan Tiger, participating in track and cross country teams. As a team member with the Tigers, he was a part of the 2011 Class B Boys State Champions. He and the Manhattan boys never placed anything less than second at state for three years after. Colter is now enrolled at Montana State University-Bozeman attending college and preparing for the future.

At ten-years-old he started his own business, P.E.K. (Prairie Egg Kompany) which specializes in delivering organic, high quality, free-range chicken eggs to local stores and individuals. His current jobs include helping in the Natural Exposures studio and volunteering for Eagle Mount as a ski instructor for disabled kids. He also spends time volunteering at the YMCA and runs a fundraiser every year for Warriors & Quiet Waters. He also helps Dan and Tanya periodically on their Invitational Photo Tours.